ATCT - Advances in Traffic and Communication Technologies

TITLE: Challenges and advantages of introducing electric vehicles in logistics operator’s fleet

AUTHORS: Ajdin Džananović, Suada Dacić, Ermin Muharemović

ABSTRACT: The current market situation indicates an intensive increase in services offered by the logistics sector. To fulfill the growing demand, the logistics sector in the department of distribution of goods has several challenges, such as increasing fleet, increased mileage, difficulty in achieving an environmentally-friendly distribution chain. Each of these challenges requires organizational and managerial interventions in the process of functioning of the logistics sector. Given the needs of the market, environmental restrictions at the global level, the global issue of conventional fuels, research in this paper will focus on one of the elements for achieving an environmentally friendly and sustainable distribution chain. This paper targets to point out the challenges and advantages of replacing conventional vehicle vehicles with more environmentally-friendly vehicles. In the concept of Green Logistic, the basis for achieving an environmentally friendly logistics distribution chain are electric vehicles. The paper will identify the impact of logistics operations on the environment on the example of the vehicle fleet of a logistics operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which provides goods distribution services, using European models for assessing the environmental performance of vehicles. Research and application of scientific methods will determine the advantages, challenges, and possibilities of introducing electric vehicles in logistics operator’s fleet.

KEYWORDS: Green Logistic, Electric Vehicles, Logistics Operator, Life Cycle Assesment

PAGES: 107-113

DOI: 10.59478/ATCT.2022.15